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BOYO Full HD 2-Channel Dashcam Recorder | VTR217GWBOYO Full HD 2-Channel Dashcam Recorder | VTR217GW

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What types of Car Cameras are useful?

Dash Cams: These are forward-facing cameras mounted on the windshield or dashboard that continuously record video while you drive. They are the most common type of car camera, offering features like:
Loop Recording: Continuously records video, saving the most recent footage over the oldest when the storage capacity is reached.
Motion Detection: Triggers recording only when motion is detected in front of the car, saving storage space.
Parking Mode: Continues recording even when the car is parked and turned off.
Wi-Fi and App Connectivity: Allow you to view live footage or download recordings to your smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection and a dedicated app.

Rearview Backup Cameras: Mounted on the rear of the car, typically near the license plate, these cameras activate automatically when you shift into reverse, providing a live video feed of the area behind your car on the head unit display. This is especially helpful for parking and avoiding backing into objects or pedestrians.

Blind Spot Cameras: These are also known as side mirror cameras and often use radar sensors to detect vehicles in your blind spot, alerting you with a visual or audible signal when something is approaching.

Underbody Cameras: These are specifically designed for vehicles, offering a view of the terrain beneath the car. They are most popular with off-road enthusiasts who benefit from the unique perspective these cameras provide.