Born in the Pacific Northwest, a region known for cool sound. That could explain AudioControl’s award-dotted nearly-50-year history of designing and building superb audio equipment from scratch.

Connects2 was established in 1999 as a small British company with large aspirations. Having identified a promising gap in the market the team developed, manufactured and sold their first product – a CD changer interface.

Whether you are reversing the family car or guiding a fleet of vehicles, EchoMaster is always right beside you. Offering a high quality range of trusted safety solutions for any situation.

M2M in Motion is your single source provider for all of your fleet management needs. Our software, products and services benefit any type of company who is seeking more efficient ways to operate.

PAC was founded in 1976 to create the ultimate interface solutions for installers when radio replacement meant hours of cutting and splicing into the factory wiring harness. Since then, it has defined car audio interfaces and shaped an entire industry.

We are who you go to when you need to add any type of technology in a vehicle. From integration to safety and connectivity, and whatever advancement we come with next.