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What are the key benefits of Leveling Kits?

Corrected Stance: Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs can come from the factory with a slight nose-down rake, where the rear sits higher than the front. Leveling kits address this by raising the front of the vehicle to match the rear, creating a more level and balanced appearance.

Accommodating Larger Wheels & Tires: A leveled stance can create additional space in the wheel wells, allowing you to install slightly larger wheels and tires without rubbing issues. This can enhance the overall look and improve off-road capability.

Increased Ground Clearance: Leveling kits typically raise the front of the vehicle by 1-2 inches, offering a slight increase in ground clearance. While not as significant as a full suspension lift kit, this can provide some additional clearance for navigating uneven terrain or obstacles.

Improved Headlight Aim: In some cases, the factory rake can cause the headlights to point slightly downward. Leveling the vehicle can improve headlight aim, potentially enhancing nighttime visibility.