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Ford Bronco (2021) Max Tire Clearance Kit

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What are the key benefits of Body Lift Kits?

Increased Ground Clearance: The primary benefit of lift kits is the gain in ground clearance. This allows the vehicle to navigate rough terrain more effectively, avoiding obstacles that could damage the undercarriage. This makes them ideal for off-road enthusiasts who venture onto trails, rocks, and uneven surfaces.

Improved Approach, Breakover, and Departure Angles: A lift kit improves the approach angle (angle at the front of the vehicle), breakover angle (angle under the vehicle), and departure angle (angle at the rear of the vehicle). This allows the vehicle to climb steeper inclines, traverse obstacles without scraping the underbody, and descend slopes with greater ease.

Accommodating Larger Tires: Lift kits often allow for the installation of larger tires with more aggressive treads. These larger tires provide better traction and grip on loose surfaces like mud, sand, and rock.