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Stinger Audio is the latest boom in car audio.  This exclusive line of high performance bass technology can only be found at Stinger Off-Road.  All-New 10" and 12" subwoofers provide up to 1,500 watts peak power each.  Pair that with our premium single and dual ported subwoofer enclosures... and you have yourself the all the bump you need for any vehicle application. 

For those that love music as much as they love the automotive world, we are here to help.  Bring the quality of professional sound systems to your car, truck, or SUV with the Stinger Audio system components.  

Eight new subwoofer options are now available at  The two new series of subs are MC1 and DC2.  Our MC1 series is the standard for any car audio system.  With 700w RMS and 1200w Peak Power, these are sure to get the job done.  However, if you are looking for even more bass to rattle your car, we got you covered.  The premium DC2 series is a 1000w RMS with 1500w Peak Power subwoofer that will make your statement heard!  Both lines come in 10-inch and 12-inch options with 2 Ohm and 4 Ohm configurations.  

Subwoofer Specifications

Stinger MC1 Series

Stinger MC Subs   Stinger MC 12 inch Subs

Stinger DC2 Series

Stinger DC 12 inch Subs   Stinger DC 12 inch Subs 

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Stinger Subwoofers

 Subwoofer Enclosures

Choosing the right sub box is just as important as picking the right subs.  Our engineers have designed the perfect enclosures to hit that sweet spot in sound quality for Stinger speakers.  Thing single and dual sub boxes fabricated with the proper airspace, you will get the most our of your investment.  The ported sub box design maximizes DB sound levels.  Meaning, you will get the biggest bass for your buck!  We use 3/4" MDF wrapped in black carpet and embroidered with the Stinger Audio logo.  The DC2 series boxes come standard with a carbon fiber vinyl front for a clean and professional aesthetic.

Stinger MC1 Single Sub Enclosure

Stinger MC single sub enclosure

Stinger MC1 Dual Sub Enclosure

Stinger MC dual sub enclosure 

Stinger DC2 Single Sub Enclosure

 Stinger DC single sub enclosure

Stinger DC2 Dual Sub Enclosure

Stinger DC dual sub enclosure

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Ready To Install?

Don't forget to get all of your install supplies from Stinger Off-Road!  Stinger has been the top choice for audio installers for over 30 years.  We now offer all of our speaker wire, amp installation kits, and fuse accessories online.

Wiring Kits



Keep an eye out for the full line of Stinger Audio monoblock amplifiers dropping soon!

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