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Rockstar x Halo Gladiator Build

Rockstar Energy Drink recently partnered with Halo Infinite for one of our favorite giveaways this past year.  The team at Rockstar Garage built the ultimate Master Chief inspired Jeep Gladiator for the grand prize winner.  With special touches like the rugged green green paint and a gold reflective windshield to match the Halo star's helmet.  This Jeep was built to be a road ready machine that will turn heads anywhere it goes.  

Our friends at Rockstar Garage reached out to Stinger Off-Road to join the forces of brands that were installed on the Gladiator.  Matching the bigger than life vibe, a big screen was needed to bring the interior up to par.  Talking on the phone with Nic Ashby of Rockstar Garage right before the purchase of the stock rig, I told them not to overpay for the big radio, "we are replacing that thing with something better."

Stinger HEIGH10 in a Jeep Gladiator

The 7 page feature in Adventure Rigs magazine hit stands in March and highlighted the Master Chief build by Rockstar Garage.  Packed with industry leading aftermarket parts including a massive 10-inch radio... the Stinger HEIGH10.  What's an ultimate Jeep build without the integrated Jeep radio replacement kit from Stinger Off-Road?

A lucky winner took home this grand prize earlier this year.

Adventure Rigs Magazine Featuring Halo Gladiator

The Halo themed Jeep has been found! A dealership in Tampa got their hands on the legendary Gladiator and is asking a whopping $160,000! This could be yours for a pretty penny. No pictures have been added to the online listing yet, but a Facebook Marketplace post confirmed that this is in fact the Rockstar built Master Chief Gladiator. Got the cash to fork up for the fresh build? It's listed online here.

Looking to build your own ultimate adventure rig? The Stinger HEIGH10 used on this build can be found at Stinger Off-Road HERE. Browse our website for more vehicle specific plug-and-play radio upgrade options for other Jeeps, trucks, cars, and powersports HERE.

Halo Master Chief Gladiator by Rockstar For Sale
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