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So, you’re a fan of Stinger Off-Road and want to work together?  Here’s how that works and what to expect!  

A little About Us

Stinger Off-Road is a subdivision of Stinger Electronics under the same umbrella as brands like PAC Audio, Phoenix Gold, and EchoMaster.  With our multiple automotive technology manufacturers, we are able to curate vehicle-specific applications and bring you top-of-the-line Multimedia, Audio, Lighting, and Safety technology for your Jeep or Truck. From rock to mall crawlers— our goal is to engineer and develop aftermarket electronics that improve your on and off-road experience.  Our most popular products include the HEIGH10 infotainment system, app-controlled rock light kits, rear-view camera systems, and a multitude of other wiring accessories.  Our vehicle-specific products cover Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F-150, Toyota Tacoma, and RAM Trucks with many more universal fitment items for all those one-off projects.  Whether it is a 10-inch touchscreen radio replacement or underbody lighting to beat to the music, Stinger Off-Road has your solution.  

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for long-term brand ambassadors that are fans of Stinger Off-Road and the products we carry. Jeep, Truck, and SUV owners that can influence, represent, and recommend our brand/products to consumers within your social networks, status, following, and connections.

Those that have a strong presence within their off-road community, clubs, and especially, within online social media outlets, you have our attention! The more variety and experience you have with various promotions on social media outlets the better. Examples of this include videos, reviews, quality photography, articles, etc., while using your own YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blogs/vlogs, Twitter etc. Engagement and interaction is critical on social media.

The Program And Perks

Once your application has been approved, a variety of perks will be unlocked.  We want to thank you for supporting what we do by supporting what you do.  As a Brand Ambassador you are representing our company and our products personally and through your vehicle. Because of this, you are expected to hold yourself and your online behavior to a high standard. It is also expected that you are familiar and have a good understanding of our products. You should hold yourself to the highest standards and ensure that you are never representing Stinger Off-Road in a negative light. Wheel legal, tread lightly and respect others.  That is what this community is all about.  

As a brand ambassador for Stinger Off-Road, you will gain access to the official portal to track your own progress and earn rewards.  This makes it simple to see what kind of promotion we are looking for.  Social media posts, announcements, event attendance, blog posts, product unboxings, and more can earn you points.  Simply select the task, add a link or screenshot of the activity, and submit!  Your points will begin to accumulate in no time.  Points can then be redeemed for Stinger Off-Road gift cards or a select list of free products such as rock lights and the SwitchHUB.  That’s not all though.  With your unique promo code and link, and traffic that you drive to that results in a purchase, you will earn 2% commission.  This adds up fast with $1,000+ electronics on our site.  Commissions will be paid out monthly via PayPal, so you can spend any way you wish.  

But… What About Free Product?

The biggest question we get is: does being a brand ambassador mean I get free stuff?  The answer is not immediately.  However, you will receive exclusive access to products, swag, and more as we look to push new products.  This is the main reason we ask you for vehicle year/make/model during signup.  Stinger Off-Road is constantly developing new products and needs help testing and promoting them.  We go to our brand ambassadors first for this.  We select our most engaged ambassadors and top-rated influencers to send free products to all the time, including HEIGH10 radio upgrade kits!  Another way of supporting those who support us.  If you’re driving traffic to our site, engaging with our content, and using your own followers to hype up the partnership.. Why would we not want to hook you up?!  From multimedia radio replacements to complete audio speaker upgrades and even those cool lighting and camera accessories.  But no, free radios are not guaranteed.  This keeps our barrier to entry low enough for the average off-roader while still being able to offer cool stuff.  If you’re supporting us with quality influencer content, you will be earning enough points to redeem for gift cards and products within the first few months.

Ready To Work Together?

Awesome!  We like to keep things simple.  We aren’t drilling you with questions or running background checks.  We love working with fans of Stinger Off-Road!  Head over to our online application and answer a few questions so we can get a feel for who you are and what interests you about Stinger Off-Road.  The approval process usually only takes a couple days at most.  Give us some extra time if we are posting a lot from a show in the middle of the desert.  As soon as you’re approved, you can complete your profile and be on your way to sharing your personal promo code and earning rewards.  

The application for our brand ambassador program can be found here: 

Let the adventure begin…

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