AudioControl DM-RTA Real Time Analyzer Multi-Test Tool


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Introducing the AudioControl DM-RTA Real Time Analyzer Multi-Test Tool, a cutting-edge device designed to revolutionize audio testing and optimization. The DM-RTA is packed with advanced features and capabilities that allow you to analyze, measure, and fine-tune your audio system with unparalleled accuracy. Its real-time analyzer provides precise visual feedback, allowing you to identify and address frequency response issues, room resonances, and other audio anomalies in real time. With the DM-RTA, you can unlock the true potential of your audio system and elevate your listening experience to new heights.


  • Test and Measure Any Signal: One of the key benefits of this kit is its ability to handle a wide range of signal types. From analog to digital, multichannel to stereo, it can measure and analyze virtually any signal that you throw at it, providing you with valuable insights into the performance of your audio system.
  • Balanced Line Level Inputs and Outputs: With this feature, you'll be able to enjoy clean, clear, and noise-free audio signals, making it ideal for professional audio applications as well as high-end audio systems.
  • Unbalanced Line Level Inputs and Outputs: Unlike balanced connections, which require specialized cables and equipment, unbalanced connections use standard RCA cables, making them easy to set up and configure. This makes them a great choice for home audio systems, where simplicity and accessibility are key.
  • Speaker Level Inputs (Up to 400 watts): With this feature, you can easily connect your amplifier or receiver directly to your speakers, without having to use any additional equipment or adapters.
  • Microphone Input with 48V Phantom Power (Microphone Sold Separately): Phantom power is required by many condenser microphones, which are widely used in professional audio applications due to their superior sensitivity and sound quality. With our product's phantom power supply, you can ensure that your microphones receive the power they need to perform at their best, resulting in clear and accurate audio recordings.
  • Microphone Presets (for CM-20, CM-10 & C550H): These presets have been specifically designed to enhance your recordings by adjusting the microphone's sensitivity, EQ settings, and other key parameters.
  • Discover the Extraordinary Features Included: Get all of the best features like digital and USB outputs, ability to connect to PC/Mac, phone, or tablet, and an option port for Bluetooth connectivity. The DM-RTA is portable with its compact design and battery power.
  • App Control: The DM-RTA is designed to work in conjunction with a connected computer or laptop, providing informative graphics and easy control of parameters. The DM control app is both Mac and PC compatible. Configuration can also be done using a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet in conjunction with the included AC-BT24 Bluetooth interface. (AC-BT24 sold separately)
What’s In The Box
1 x Balanced Input Impedance 3.24kΩ
1 x Unbalanced Input Impedance 3.24kΩ
1 x Microphone Input Impedance 10kΩ
1 x Speaker Level Input Impedance 16.24kΩ
Max Low Level Input Voltage 8 Vrms
Max High Level Input Voltage 40 Vrms
1 x Balanced Output Impedance 51Ω
1 x Unbalanced Output Impedance 51Ω
1 x Coax Digital Output Impedance 75Ω
Max Output Voltage from Signal Generator 5 Vrms / 7 V Peak
Battery Life ~5 Hours
Weight 8"
Height 2.4"
Depth 4.8"
Weight 2.6lbs

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