12" 700 Watt (RMS) MC1 Series Peak Power Car Subwoofer (700 Watts RMS/1,200 Watts Max)

SKU: MC1-12D2

Dual 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm: 2 OHM
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Product Highlights


  • CFL³ Technology Voice Coil: 3x more structurally rigid, prolonging the life of the voice coil.

  • MLB Collar Technology: Enables micro-level bonding with cone & spider for increased strength.

  • Fiber matrix paper cone to strengthen the rigidity of the woofer’s cone body to minimize the distortion while increasing the handling of high pressure produced in the subwoofer enclosure.

  • Linear Surround Technology: Maximum excursion for that hard-hitting, head-shaking, feel-it-in-your-soul bass.

  • High-Density Wide Profile Compressed Foam Surround stitched to the cone, delivering ultimate durability built to last no matter how hard you crank that music up.

  • Dual VC (vent-cap) Design: Strengthens the rigidity of the woofer’s cone body to minimize the distortion while increasing the handling of high pressure produced within the subwoofer’s motor structure.

  • Magnetic FEA High-Efficiency Motor: Provides the highest possible, efficient motor design.

  • Thermal Efficient Design via Vented Motor: Drives better thermal efficiency, reduces motor compression, and extends low-frequency response.

  • Double Looped and Sleeved Lead Wires for High Excursion: Reduces wire roping and allows high excursion, increased flexibility, and long life.

  • Push-type terminals provide consistent tension to the speaker wire, preventing it from becoming loose from vibration.

  • Bent Edge Enhanced Frame: Minimizes overall resonance and provides accurate sound with less distortion.

  • Linear Long Throw Spider Suspension: For increased output and power handling.

  • High-density ferrite magnet: Drives a higher magnetic flux to the motor for more powerful bass.

  • Dual Cap Topology (D.C.T.): Doubles the structure rigidity of the cone and dust cap to minimize distortion and for tight, articulate bass and the highest quality musical reproduction.


Stinger Audio engineered the MC1 series single 12-inch subwoofer to help redefine the everyday subwoofer, delivering more bass for your buck. The Stinger Audio MC1 series subwoofer line provides a 2.5" coil for peak performance. The subwoofer features a CFL technology voice coil, which is 3 times more structurally rigid to help prolong the life of the voice coil. MC series subwoofers were designed as an entry-level subwoofers conservatively rated at 700-watt RMS and available in 2-OHM and 4-OHM impedance. The MC series subwoofers can operate at peak performance for hours on end with peace of mind, knowing that it can handle all that bass.

What's in the Box
  • 12" MC Series 700 Watt (RMS) 2-OHM or 4-OHM Subwoofer
  • User Guide 



MC112D2 | MC112D4

Nominal Impedance (Z)

1.8 ohms | 3.2 ohms

DC Resistance (Re)

3.6 ohms | 6.4 ohms

Resonance Frequency (Fs)

39.7370 Hz | 40.5708 Hz

Piston Area (Sd)

0.0471 m2 | 0.0471 m2

Force Factor (BL)

16.2026 T.m | 20.1450 T.m

Mechanical Q Factor (Qms)

7.3694 | 6.2464

Electrical Q Factor (Qes)

0.715 | 0.7583

Total Q Factor (Qts)

0.6517 | 0.6762

Sensitivity 1W/M (SPL)

85.2287 | 85.5047

Mechanical Compliance (Cms)

0.0768 mm/N | 0.0816 mm/N

Moving Mass (Mms)

208.8276 g | 188.6377 g 

Linear Excursion (Xmax)

13 mm

Volume Acoustic

23.8399 Ltr | 25.3179 Ltr

Compliance (Vas)

0.842 cu ft | 0.894 cu ft

Reference Efficiency (NO.)

0.20% | 0.21%

Nominal Power (Pe)

700 Watts

Peak Power

1200 Watts

Frequency Response

20-200 Hz

Voice Coil Diameter

2.5 in/63.5 mm


0.0885 cu ft/ 2.506 Ltr

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Warranty Limitations
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