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The goal of any RCA is to take the signal from whatever originating source and transfer it to the next component as accurately as possible, with no loss of signal strength and addition of any noise or sound coloration. We have designed our cables to do just that, deliver Audiophile Quality Sound with X1, X2, X3, and 9000 series of cables to fit your system demands and your discerning ear. 

The Stinger X1 Series interconnect was built upon the technologies that Stinger has pioneered in its 30 years of innovation and refined into the X1 series of interconnects.

Like all the Stinger X interconnects; the X1 is designed with a C3 Tech, Continuous Connection Construction. This continuous connection from RCA to RCA end ensures unmatched signal transfer as there are no breaks in the directional, high twist rate conductors which prevents added resistance, any loss of fidelity and bulletproof reliability.

The construction isn’t all the magic inside either, the X1 employs Dynamic Signal Flow which consists of finely stranded ultra-pure OFC copper to optimize Signal vs. Frequency interaction and achieve a dynamic listening experience.

The X1 protects this great signal path with Noise Shield Directional Construction which the directional twisted pair construction uses out of phase rejection to combat induced noise. The high rate twist (the more the better) creates opposites cancel out one another scenario. If noise is radiated into the cable from a Body Control Modules, Relays, Switches, WiFi Modules and other systems found in today’s vehicles, it will be picked up at alternating phases of 1800 because of the twisting of the cable, this ultimately cancels out the noise as they in opposition of each other.

Pure, clean signal and superior noise rejection is nothing if the connection is lost. We understand that these cables are used in a mobile environment, so with that in mind, we designed the X1’s with a gold-plated end that features Quad Clamp. Quad Clamp is a precision 4-cut RCA connector that is used for creating positive clamping force and to ensure impeccable connection integrity and sound quality for the lifetime of the cable. To keep the X1 working at top performance we use the gold plating because gold is a superior conductor and doesn’t oxidize.

Usability is also a concern in the mobile environment and we made sure to address this as much as the sound quality. X1 has a minimalist style outer jacket, as the jacket adds no value to the noise rejection or sound quality of the cable, it is exactly what the cable needs to be protected and offer flexibility for installation. When using the 4ch or 6ch models, the jacket has markers to indicate Front/Rear (4ch) or Front/Rear/Subwoofer (6ch). Unlike most multichannel cables, these indicators on the X1’s can be cut and split between groups to facilitate installation of multiple amplifiers thanks in part to the C3 Tech. For example, utilizing a 6ch X1 cable between a 4ch Mid/High’s amplifier located on the right side of a vehicle and a 2ch/Monoblock Subwoofer amplifier located on the left side. Just peel away the front and rear channels from the subwoofer channels and proceed with the installation. The RCA ends are color-coded for Right and Left identification and directional markings are along the RCA jacket. The 4ch and 6ch cables mimic a ribbon cable for easy concealment under carpet and panels and make them an ease to wire through the vehicle.

High-quality cables are an investment, and we want to give you confidence in your choice with Stinger. The team at Stinger are so confident in the construction of our cables that all Stinger X interconnects include an exclusive Lifetime Warranty against defects and the sound quality will speak for itself, just give them a listen. Experience Pure Sound!