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What are the key benefits of Side Steps/Running Boards, Nerf Bars, and Rock Sliders?

Side Steps/Running Boards: These are typically flat, rectangular steps mounted along the side of your vehicle, below the doors. They provide a wider stepping surface to help you get in and out, especially for lifted vehicles or those with high ground clearance.
Improved Entry/Exit: Especially helpful for children, elderly passengers, or people with limited mobility.
Dirt and Mud Protection: The wider step can help you avoid tracking dirt or mud into the vehicle's interior.
Visual Enhancement: Can add a stylish and finished look to your vehicle.

Nerf Bars: Nerf bars are typically round or oval tubes that run along the side of the vehicle, often slightly lower than running boards. They can offer some stepping assistance but are primarily designed for protection.
Side Impact Protection: Nerf bars can provide some level of protection against minor door dings or scratches from other vehicles in parking lots.
Off-Road Protection: They can offer some protection against brush and debris when driving off-road.
Step Assistance: While not as wide as running boards, they can still provide a stepping surface for easier entry and exit.

Rock Sliders: Rock sliders are the most heavy-duty option. They are typically thicker metal tubes mounted high on the chassis of the vehicle, directly below the rocker panels. They are designed for serious off-road use.
Underbody Protection: Rock sliders shield the vehicle's vulnerable rocker panels from rocks, logs, and other obstacles encountered while off-roading.
Vehicle Body Protection: They can also help distribute the force of a side impact in off-road situations, protecting the vehicle's body.
Limited Step Assistance: While not their primary function, some rock sliders can offer a narrow step for occasional use.