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3' Dash-Mount Extension Cables for HDMI and USB
Infrared Remote Control for HEIGH10 Radio (UN1810)

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What are the key benefits of an Infotainment Car Radio Head Unit?

Superior Components: Stinger offers three distinct car infotainment radios: the 10" HEIGH10, 8" ELEV8, and 6.8" Double Din head units. Aftermarket head units are designed with higher quality audio components compared to most factory-installed radios. This translates to better audio fidelity, with a wider range, richer bass, and clearer overall sound.

More Customization Options: Aftermarket car infotainment radios offer a variety of equalization settings, allowing you to tailor the sound to your listening preferences and adjust for different music genres. Some advanced models include features like digital signal processing (DSP) for even finer sound control.

Amplifier Compatibility: Many radio head units have pre-amp outputs that allow you to connect external car amplifiers for further sound enhancement. This is ideal for powering high-performance car speakers or subwoofers for a truly immersive listening experience.

Modern Connectivity: Stinger head units integrate modern connectivity options not found in some factory radios. This can include Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for smartphone integration, and USB ports for playing music from flash drives or portable devices.

Advanced Features: Modern infotainment radios boast features like built-in navigation systems, HD radio tuners for clearer radio reception, and compatibility with rearview cameras for improved safety and parking assistance.

Screen Options: Stinger car stereo head units come with larger and higher-resolution touchscreens compared to many factory radios. This allows for easier navigation, better viewing of maps and album art, and a more user-friendly overall experience.