RAM Truck Integrated Radio Upgrade Features - Stinger

The all-new integrated radio replacement kit for RAM Trucks is now available.  Featuring a 10-inch touchscreen packed with modern technology like wireless Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and multiple camera inputs.  The fully integrated RAM Truck kit takes it to the next level with new vehicle information gauges, on-screen climate controls, vehicle settings, and more while retaining OEM features.  

2013-2018 4th Gen RAM Truck owners can now enjoy these integrated features in the latest plug-and-play HEIGH10 radio upgrade kit.  Infotainment and vehicle information is now at your fingertips.  Enjoy the peace of mind of monitoring engine temperatures and performance as well as drivetrain information and touchscreen climate controls.  Add up to four cameras and make your RAM Truck the best tow rig possible.  

Beautiful 10-Inch Touchscreen
Add a full visual experience to your RAM Truck with 16.7 million colors -- all in 1024 x 600 high-resolution. Customize the illumination and background, pinch and zoom (on equipped apps), and anti-glare.

On-Screen Vehicle Information & Gauges
Feature-packed RAM-specific screens and apps with many user customizations. All enhanced with off-road data including transfer case, current position (latitude/longitude), altitude, steering angle, and more.

Retain OEM Features
Retains all the features you love in your RAM; including full HD for cameras, steering wheel controls, USB ports, and more.

Music, Video, & More
Get the complete media center for your RAM with Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM-ready (satellite tuner sold separately), HDMI, and 4 camera inputs.

GPS Navigation
An integrated navigation system operates without a data connection; GPS microSD card from iGo sold separately.

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