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Off-Road Features of the HEIGH10 Fully Integrated Radio Upgrade Kit for Jeep Wrangler JL & Gladiator JT

Utilizing the vehicle information app on the HEIGH10, you will have access to off-road features such as pitch & roll gauges, multiple temperature gauges, drivetrain data, navigation information, and several camera views.  Upgrade your Jeep's radio with the all-new, 10-inch infotainment system from Stinger Electronics. All in one easy to install, plug-and-play package.
Real-Time Off-Road Gauges
Monitor the pitch and roll, GPS coordinates, compass, and more during your off-road adventure. All in HD on a 10-inch, touchscreen display.
Four Camera Video Inputs
Capture every second of the thrill ride by adding up to 4 cameras. Switch cameras via the touchscreen or set up automatic triggers.
Drivetrain Data
Enhanced with off-road data, check your axle and sway bar, steering angle, transfer case and more.
GPS Navigation
In the open desert or high in the mountains with no phone signal? No problem! Purchase the iGo navigation card separately for added guidance.
Integrated Vehicle Gauges
Monitor your battery voltage, oil temperature/pressure, and much more. Customize the color, layout, and create presets.
On-Screen Vehicle Info
Vehicle information screen is specific to your Jeep. Check your tire pressure, engine status, door status, and more.
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