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3rd Gen Tacoma Radio Replacement

Plug-and-play radio replacement kits now available for 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma.  Add Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth calling, and 4 camera inputs to your 3rd Gen Tacoma.  Replace the factory Tacoma radio with a 10-inch touchscreen designed to fit seamlessly with the dash in your truck.  Upgrading the radio in your Tacoma has never been so easy, or look this good!

The Stinger HEIGH10 from Stinger Off-Road is the best Tacoma radio replacement to date.  With a HD flush-mount screen that works with your factory steering wheel controls and USB ports.  If you are looking to upgrade or replace your Tacoma's stereo with a new head unit, this is your DIY solution.  Adding Apply CarPlay to a Toyota Tacoma is the biggest request from owners.  The Stinger HEIGH10 is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the factory Tacoma head unit with CarPlay, Entune 3.0.  Not only do you get phone connectivity, but wireless Bluetooth calling, amplifier integration, custom backgrounds, and HDMI inputs put this Tacoma stereo lightyears past the OEM options.  With 4 camera inputs, you can add your custom selection of aftermarket backup camera, blind spot cameras, front facing camera, or underbody cameras.  The HEIGH10 infotainment system is also SXM ready with the separate SXV300V1 Sirius XM tuner.  

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At a massive 10 inches... the 2016+ Toyota Tacoma Radio Upgrade Kit is the biggest flush mounted stereo for 3rd Gen Tacoma's.  Maximize your audio system with a 15-band equalizer paired with crossover and time correction adjustments.  So, whether you're rocking the OEM audio system or an aftermarket subwoofer and amplifier, this Tacoma radio replacement will improve the sound quality. 

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