This week at SEMA we introduced, SPXM1, the rugged infotainment hub, available in Spring 2020, designed specifically for marine or powersports use.

SPXM1 allows boaters to enjoy enhanced entertainment features onboard, with complete access to entertainment and personalization of your experience. SPXM1 integrates our highly praised SPXSH440, which facilitates access and control of accessories via an easy-to-use 3-inch LCD touchscreen that incorporates a user-friendly GUI and a crystal-clear display.

This offshore infotainment hub puts complete control in your hands via the 3-inch LCD touchscreen so you can personalize the onboard entertainment. The SPXM1 Radio has Global AM/FM/WB, plays MP3/WMA/WAV files from the USB port, and streams via Bluetooth or from a wired auxiliary input for all the entertainment you could want. SPXR1 (optional wired remote) allows for real-time digital quality control from up to 3 additional zones, enabling customization of the user experience. SPXM1 transforms the console into a command center, and the IPX-65 rated control panel provides protection from element intrusion including water, sand, and whatever else you can throw at it. The optically bonded display provides an airtight image with excellent visibility in direct sunlight, and the selectable day or night modes offer the perfect backlight when the sun goes down. With 4 switchable outputs, SPXM1 (in conjunction with SPXSH440) allows you to power and control 4 external accessories without the hassle of installing extra switches. It also features a rear camera input to assist with docking or to provide an added layer of safety while enjoying water skiing, tubing, and other water sports.