If you're not at SEMA this year, meet SPXM1, the ultimate offshore infotainment hub for boaters. SPXM1 Radio, along with new lighting and audio products for onboard use.

This offshore infotainment hub puts complete control in the users' hands via the 3-inch LCD touchscreen so that you can personalize your onboard entertainment. The SPXM1 Radio has Global AM/FM/WB, plays MP3/WMA/WAV files from the USB port, and streams via Bluetooth or from a wired auxiliary input for all the entertainment you could want. SPXR1’s optional wired remote allows for real-time digital quality control from up to three additional zones, enabling customization of the user’s experience. SPXM1 transforms your console into a command center, and an IPX-65-rated control panel provides protection from element intrusion, including water, sand, and whatever else you can throw at it.

The optically bonded display provides an airtight image with excellent visibility in direct sunlight, and selectable day or night modes offer
the perfect backlight when the sun goes down. With four switchable outputs, SPXM1 in conjunction with Stinger’s SPXSH440 allows you to power four external accessories without the hassle of installing extra switches. It also features an included rear camera input to assist with
docking or to provide an added layer of safety while enjoying water skiing, tubing, and other water sports.

We're launching two marine dash kits at SEMA. These kits allow you to easily add a 3-inch gauge-style aftermarket radio, even if the current opening is a single DIN rectangle, without having to modify the console in any way. Of course, they also work perfectly with our new SPXM1 Radio, available in white and black, featuring OEM-grade ASTM-G154-16-certified UV-protected ASA and stainless hardware for a multitude of installation configurations.

Light up your water-based fun with new Marine-Grade LED strip lights, adding UV, salt, and fog durability to its already well-received line of strip lights. The new model is fully dynamic, allowing you complete customization of patterns, sequences, colors, and brightness for dynamic light shows in your boats, vehicles, hot tubs, or pools. In addition, we've also launched RF and Bluetooth controllers to make customization of dynamic lighting options accessible and easy to handle.

More lighting for boats and watersports vehicles are available in the form of Universal Multi-Color LEDs (SPXULED1), available in pairs in a variety of colored—amber, blue, green, red, and white—LEDs. These powerful lights cut through darkness, and they come with all the mounting hardware and pads needed to make installation easy. The aluminum housing is waterproof, making them an ideal choice for marine use in bait wells, foot wells, transoms, and just about any other place you choose. To facilitate those desires, they mount reliably on flat and tubular surfaces with the included hardware and mounting adapters.

Similar to the SPXULED1 but with four or eight modules and full spectrum RGB LED outputs, is the new universal pod kit (SPXRGBUBKIT4/8) ...the next level of lighting for your boat. Music fans can sync the LEDs to your favorite tunes to create an instant light show, and Bluetooth-enabled controls allow users to choose the dynamic modes and colors they want via their iPhone or Android smartphone. To get the onboard party started right away, plug-and-play installation avoids the hassle of soldering or crimping.

Powering fun onboard boats everywhere is plug-and-play SPXSH440, now on display at SEMA 2019. This marine-grade hub allows easy control of all 12-volt accessories with four channels of output and the ability to run channels in parallel when needed for specific higher current devices. This hub features protection against water intrusion, making it ideal for use in marine environments, and its smart design and tough construction protect against overloads, short circuits, and high temperatures. All audio and lighting 12-volt installations become
instantly easier and more flexible with the integration of Stinger's SPXSH440.

We're also boosting onboard sound with its new marine-grade 5ch, 1000-watt amplifier, SPX1000X5, which adds to our line of micro-sized marine amps in 700W 4ch and 350W 2ch. These compact amplifiers are ideal for boaters who have limited space available onboard
but still want to enjoy full power from their music. Wire one of these great amplifiers with our marine-grade amplifier installation kits featuring the only Siamese pair dual power/ground wire. This time-saving dual power and ground wire in ABC compliant colors
makes installation easy and quick and keeps the power flowing at maximum.