Clearwater, Florida (January 8, 2019) Stinger X was developed for the professional installer and premier Stinger partners. MAP (minimum advertised price) protection ensures that the retail price you set won’t be challenged by your customers, because they won’t find it advertised anywhere else cheaper; allowing you to install with trusted accessories, while preserving your margin.


Ultimate flexibility with Stinger X-LINK, a universal modular, linkable fuse holder or distribution block system. X-LINK revolutionizes circuit protection in high performance audio installations, providing an all-in-one system that allows for easier, cleaner than ever fused power and/or ground distribution on any install. Covering your power and ground needs with interchangeable 1/0 – 8 GA inputs and outputs and can be used with both ASL/MIDI or ANL fuses. The unique design of X-LINK’s linkable design featuring the XFASTEN Hardware system, firmly grips the wire for desired continuity/conductance, a custom Brass " Power Link" couples X-LINKs electrically for power or ground distribution. Custom Machined Satin Gold Plated XBLOCKs allow for easy installation of fuses with no need to disassemble the entire system.

Stinger X Ultimate Wiring Kits

Stinger X Ultimate Wiring Kits are designed to provide the highest power transfer and system flexibility for no compromise installations. The best components were created to achieve the maximum performance from your system. First is the power distribution block to rule them all X-LINK. With its ability to transform from an inline fuse holder to an expandable power, ground, or power and ground distribution block while able to accept 0,4, or 8Ga input/outputs and either ANL or MIDI/AFS fuses. The X-LINK block is accompanied by Hyper-Twist Tru-Spec wire, Expert Ground Terminals, Power Terminals, Wire Ferrules and an accessories pack to complete the installation.

Power delivery and just as important but often overlooked; ground integrity are the main goals of this kit. So, to make sure the ground potential is equally robust as the power delivery, we have included a ground reinforcement cable to be used from the battery to the chassis and on the amplifier side the Expert Ground Terminal for a large footprint, low resistance, non-rotating grounding terminal.

All these elements add up to the ULTIMATE wiring kit and system performance from Stinger X.

To compliment the power and ground delivery performance we would recommend utilizing other leading products from Stinger X including interconnects, optical cables and sound damping products for the best power and sound.

Available in March, the Stinger X wiring kits lineup includes: X2K01 1/0GA Power Wiring Kit, X2K41 4GA Power Wiring Kit, and X2K81 8GA Power Wiring Kit.

Stinger X-Mat Sound Damping

Available now, Stinger X-Mat is the ultimate sound damping solution for premium audio installations. The sound damping material includes a black aluminum constraining layer with Stinger’s proprietary dense butyl blend layer, which provides the ultimate noise deadening available for use in vehicles. This dense material delivers the highest ratio of damping to product weight of any material on the market, with a minimum thickness of 0.08 inches, a minimum weight of .65bs/ft2, and an aluminum layer that's 6 mils thick.

Available in seven different kit styles to accommodate the specific needs of audiophiles who want great sound in their vehicles. Among these are dedicated kits for doors, trunks, floorboards, frames, and speakers, as well as bulk and universal kits for the bigger custom applications.

The result of applying this Stinger X sound damping material is improved overall audio frequency response and clearer, stronger bass output, as well as the ability to hear clearly the vehicle sound system that you've poured some much expense and effort into.

Stinger X-Interconnects

Available now, Stinger X-Interconnects in 3 levels of audiophile grade performance. X1 features Directional Twisted-Pair models in 2/4/6 channel configurations as well as Video, and Toslink options. X2 includes 2/4 and 6ch Directional, Shielded, Twisted-Pair models. Rounding out the series, the top of the line X3 in 2 and 4ch models boasts Silver-Plated Conductors, Locking-Ends, Double Twisted-Pair, Directional Construction.

The complete line of Stinger X, Audio, Video, and Toslink Interconnects, Ultimate Wiring Kits, X-LINK, and X-Mat are now available for all authorized Stinger dealers.

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