Stinger Marine has announced two new marine batteries that are powerful enough to keep running all the on-board electronic accessories that today's yacht and boat owners want in their vessels. In addition, these batteries are designed to provide excellent power during trolling and starting, and they're ideal for use in recreational vehicles as well.

As a starter battery, these new offerings from Stinger Marine have the power needed to turn over an inboard or outboard motor of any horsepower. Deep-cycling capabilities make it possible to keep your trolling motor, bilge pump, GPS or depth finder charged up, with hundreds of charge/discharge cycles in store. As boat and RV owners add more and more accessories to their vehicles, these batteries have plenty of power to keep everything juiced up.

The more powerful of the pair of new batteries is the SEA31. This Group 31 battery fits in any position, making it a perfect choice when boat or RV owners need increased performance from their system. Its AGM design encapsulates battery acid for sealed, spill-proof safety. With a 20-hour rate of 5.75A/115Ah, a five-hour rate of 18A/90Ah, and a half-hour rate of 130A/65Ah, this powerful battery, weighing 70.5 pounds, is good for more than 400 full discharge cycles.

Delivering an impressive 75Ah of power, the SEA27 Group 27 battery is compact in size, measuring only 8.31 x 12.09 x 6.65 inches, making it easy to connect it in any position. Despite its small size, it delivers all the power needed for high-end system performance, with a 20-hour rate of 3.9A/75Ah, a five-hour rate of 12.5A/62.5Ah, and a half-hour rate of 109A/54.5Ah. This compact battery, which weighs only 58.4 pounds, can be relied on for more than 400 full discharge cycles.