Stinger: The Evolution of AAMP Global. All Your Questions Answered Here! - Stinger

Why Stinger?

Stinger better reflects who we are as an organization. It conveys our culture of continuous innovation, captures the enthusiasm we feel about our company, and expresses a solution offering that excites.

How does this name change effect my business?

We made a decision to focus our efforts on unique plug-and-play vehicle solutions that will drive incremental consumers to your business. Stinger best represents the future of the company and the market.

Is this a global change?

Yes, the rebrand effects all global locations including our UK and Nordics teams.

Was There Research?

Yes! and while the conversations around changing our name to Stinger resonated well with our employees and teams, we needed to know how our valued dealer, fleet, and OEM customers would feel through extensive brand research. We heard from a vast majority of our partners that a name change to Stinger was best for our community.

Will AAMP Global Email Addresses Change?

Yes, employee email addresses will be changing from jsmith@aampglobal to jsmith@stingersolutions - but either format will continue to work.

Where Will I Go for Tech Support?

All current phone numbers remain the same, including tech support:

M-F 9 AM - 8 PM EST 727-592-5991

Or submit a help desk ticket click here


Does the rebrand change the companies channel focus?

No, what has changed is our ability to provide a front-to-back of the vehicle complete plug-and-play solution that is unmatched in the industry and we want to continue to do that and build the best quality product at the best price point to sell globally through all channels.

Does paying invoices change? 

No, bank accounts, wire transfers, etc remain the same for now.  Eventually invoices will change to Stinger. But we will accept payments made out to AAMP Global.

Does the Formal Corporate Entity Name change? 


Does our Tax Number change? 


Does anything change within the brands? 

No, our portfolio of brands including PAC, AudioControl, Stinger, Connects2, Stinger Commercial, and EchoMaster - and all their respective websites, and social media accounts -  remain the same. Overall, rest assured, the name is the only thing changing.  Our teams remain the same, our commitment to our global dealer, fleet, and OEM customers remain the same. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers as Stinger!

What happens to AAMP Global?

AAMP has long been known as a distributorship of aftermarket parts behind the dashboard. However, we’ve grown beyond that as a business and have aspirations to serve more of the aftermarket auto needs. It only made sense to rebrand and change our name to reflect who we are as a company, and where have our sights aimed.  As a result, and its respective social media pages will be sunsetting soon and re-emerging as Stinger Solutions!

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