For all you power sports junkies, Stinger has engineered a line of rugged lighting gear to enhance your off-road adventures, built to withstand the rough terrain and whether those adventures take you on from dunes to woods.

Check Out the Product Lineup: 

Whip Lights

Available in both 5’ single row RGB (160 LEDs) and 4’ double row RGB (264 LEDs), Stinger’s new lighted whips make night riding safer and more awesome. You’ll be lighting up the dunes, or wherever your adventure takes you. The LEDs are managed by the onboard intergraded wireless RGB controller. Once the fun is done, a quick-release connector makes disconnecting the double-sided whips for the ride home super simple.

RGB Underbody Kit

If you are looking to give your off-road (or passenger) vehicle a little extra sex appeal, Stinger’s new universal underbody kit adds illuminated impact resistant, element-proof RGB lighting to any area you desire. The plug-and-play installation makes adding this eye-catching feature easy, with no soldering or crimping needed. Bluetooth enabled you can control the lights via a mobile app choosing specific colors, dynamic modes, or really get the party started with the music-controlled mode which sets the LEDs to change with your music. 

Universal LED White Underbody Lights

Seeing clearly in any off-road conditions is no problem, Stinger’s bright white CREE LED underbody lights can be used anywhere you need extra illumination. Sold as a pair, the housing is constructed of water and dust-proof aluminum, making them perfect for off-road, under body, interior, and engine compartments.

Terrain Ready, Weather-Resistant RGB LED Strips

To customize your lighting installation, Stinger will be offering 5m Marine-Grade RGB LED strips. Sold separately, the Bluetooth smart RGB LED controller, allows consumers to control their experience through a Stinger Lighting app via their smartphone or tablet.