AudioControl AC-LGD 20 Load Generating Device & Signal Stabilizer


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  • Connection: The AC-LGD20 includes two load-generating devices, each with connectors and 6.5" of attached speaker wire color-coded to match most aftermarket speaker wire colors. If adding an AudioControl amplifier or processor, the included connectors simply plug into the sockets on the AudioControl device. If adding another brand of the amp, set screws on the connectors to allow the wire to be easily removed and attached to the new amp. The Load Generators are placed between the output of the factory radio and the input of the new amplifier or processor. Each channel can accept a maximum input voltage of 15Vrms (50W), providing 20Ω of impedance.

  • Note: The AC-LGD20 is designed for factory NON-AMPLIFIED systems. If installed in a vehicle that's AMPLIFIED, the AudioControl AC-LGD60 will be required.'


Today's factory amplifiers feature built-in protection circuits that can mute some or all audio outputs when the factory speakers are removed. The AC-LGD 20 has been designed to generate load and stabilize signals from the amplified factory systems to ensure the best possible audio. The AC-LGD 20s come in pairs and can easily connect to your AudioControl Factory System Upgrade product with pre-wired connectors. The AC-LGD 20 is installed between the factory speaker outputs and your line output converter or speaker level inputs on your amp or processor. Each AC-LGD 20 pair comes pre-wired with EIA standard wire colors for front and rear connections.


What's in the Box
  • 2 Load-generating devices w/ attached 6.5" harnesses
  • User Guide 

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