Stinger develops top-of-the-line, vehicle-specific Multimedia, Audio, Lighting, and Safety technology for Jeeps, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, and more. From rock to mall crawlers, even performance vehicles — our goal is to engineer and develop aftermarket electronics that improve your on and off-road experience.

We are a team of vehicle owners and enthusiasts, passionate about adding the best tech to the most functional rides. Stinger and associated brands have been leaders in the automotive electronics industry for over 30 years.


We are looking for long-term brand partners that are fans of Stinger and the products we carry. Car, Jeep, Truck, Boat, and SUV owners that are able to influence, represent and recommend our brand/products to consumers within your social networks, status, following, and connections.

We are looking for individuals who have a strong presence within their community, clubs, and especially, within their online social media outlets. The more variety and experience you have with various promoting on social media outlets the better. Examples of this include videos, reviews, quality photography, articles, etc., while using your own YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blogs/vlogs, Twitter etc. Engagement and interaction is critical on social media and we will monitor the quality of your posts (including shares, likes, comments and views). 


As a Stinger Affiliate you are representing our company and our products personally and through your vehicle. Because of this, you are expected to hold yourself and your online behavior to a high standard. It is also expected that you are familiar and have a good understanding of our products. You should hold yourself to the highest standards and ensure that you are never representing Stinger in a negative light. Wheel legal, tread lightly and respect others, it’s that simple.

Standards for Social Media
Being part of the Stinger family.  Creating unique content that features our products and posting it to your social media pages, using Stinger hashtags, tagging Stinger pages and linking to the StingerSolutions.com website.

You will be expected to engage with our posts, tag others, and share. Also don’t forget to send us all your related pictures and videos to be featured!

We also expect that you will post on social media outlets at least 2x/week.

Stinger and the brands affiliated with Stinger, have a zero-tolerance policy for discriminatory remarks, harassment, and threats of violence or similar inappropriate or unlawful conduct. Any online activity that falls within these categories, will result in an immediate separation.


  • Live in the United States of America (international Affiliates applicants will be considered at a future time)
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Register and utilize the Affiliate Portal


Upon getting selected for our Affiliate Program, you will be granted access to the Stinger Affiliate Platform. You will receive a unique promotional code that can be customized to represent you own brand. The code will be good for 10% off purchases on StingerSolutions.com, and can be shared with your referral customers.

You will also earn a 2% commission on all completed net sales associated with your discount code or unique website link. Even better, you can earn additional points by completing promotional activities within our Affiliate Portal that can be exchanged for merchandise and gift cards to use on StingerSolutions.com.

Affiliates who provide the highest quality videos and picture content, while also driving website traffic, sales, and engagement of our social media content and StingerSolutions.com, will have the opportunity for free product, collaborations, event guest invitations, and beta test opportunities for pre-released products! 

We reserve the right to remove Affiliates from the program at any time based on performance, or online behavior.