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What are the key benefits of Body Armor and Skid Plate protection?

Body Panel Protection: Jeep and truck body armor protects vulnerable body parts like fenders, door sills, and bumpers from scratches, dents, and scrapes that can happen while off-roading or even navigating tight parking spaces in urban areas.

Underbody Protection: Skid plates shield the vulnerable undercarriage components of your vehicle, such as the oil pan, transmission, transfer case, and differential, from rocks, logs, and other obstacles encountered on off-road trails. This can prevent costly repairs and keep you moving during your adventures.

Reduced Trail Damage: By deflecting impacts and guarding against scrapes, body armor and skid plates can significantly reduce the chances of sustaining damage to your Jeep or truck on trails. This not only saves money on repairs but also helps maintain the resale value of your vehicle.