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The Jeep Jam event is a celebration of all things Jeep, held annually in Panama City Beach, Florida. It's a multi-day event specifically aimed at Jeep owners and enthusiasts. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

Where is Jeep Jam?

The Jeep Jam event is held in Panama City Beach, Florida. Specifically, the event takes place at the newly designated venue, Aaron Bessant Park. It is situated directly across from Pier Park. Please see the Jeep Jam Venue Map below:

jeep jam venue mao

When is Jeep Jam?

The next Jeep Jam will be from May 13th to 18th, 2024 in Panama City Beach, FL.

How Many Jeeps Participate at Jeep Jam?

The number of Jeeps participating in Jeep Jam is quite high! It is estimated that the event boasts participation of over 2,000 Jeeps. This makes it one of the bigger gatherings of Jeep enthusiasts in the nation.

jeep jam pcb gathering

Do I Need to Register for Jeep Jam?

Yes. Only registered Jeeps will be allowed to participate. Tickets start at $79. Otherwise, you can only participate as a spectator at: 1) Vendor Village & Jeep Obstacle Spectator and 2) Jeep Parade Spectator & National Go Topless Day Block Party. 

What’s Included with Registration?

  • Event Registration Sticker for Jeep (Grants your Jeep and registered guests in your Jeep with access to all standard event activities.)
  • Up to 4 Armbands, Per Registered Jeep (Covering all adults and children above 12 years of age. All children under 12 are admitted free and are not required to have armbands.)
  • Access to Vendor Village (During Vendor Village Hours)
  • Unlimited Access to Obstacle Course (During Jeep Obstacle Course Hours)  
  • General Admission to All Live Entertainment at Venue 
  • Poker Run – Entry (One card per registered Jeep, and additional cards will be available for sale.)
  • Drive-In Movie Night at Venue 
  • Invitation and Access to All Official Off-Site Parties (Jeep Parade Spectator, Topless Tuesday Party, Jeeps & Coffee, Sunset Beach Party, Day at The Beach Party, and Bon Voyage Pier Park Block Party)

What Scheduled Events & Activities Are at Jeep Jam?

The Full schedule is here, but here is a rundown of the most popular events:

  • Dunes Day: An off-road trail excursion where you can take your Jeep on a challenging and scenic adventure through Florida's natural beauty. It is an incredible 3-hour guided Jeep tour through 4,000 acres! Explore off-road trails and the scenic Intercoastal Waterway. Only registered Jeeps can participate (Tues-Sat, incl. night rides). This is an excursion that must be registered separately.

  • Jeep Obstacle Course: Test your Jeep's capabilities and your own driving skills on a specially designed course. The exclusive obstacle course is located at the new Aaron Bessant Park venue and is a multi-level course designed specifically for Jeeps, featuring a thrilling mix of challenges. Navigate through 20 tons of massive rock boulders, conquer over 1,800 yards of dirt terrain, and maneuver around more than 20 power poles. While the course may look impressive, the obstacles are built to accommodate both stock Jeeps and modified Registration includes unlimited access to the obstacle course, so test your skills and have a blast behind the wheel!
jeep jam obstacle course

  • Jeep Vendor VillageRegistered Jeepers get two full days to explore the massive Jeep Vendor Village at the new Aaron Bessant Park venue. With nearly 100 vendors, you can find a wide variety of things you need – Jeep parts, accessories, apparel, and more.

  • Jeep Beach Krawl: Join Florida Jeep Jam's Topless for Turtles Beach Krawl! Cruise "The World's Most Beautiful Beaches" in your Jeep, supporting Beach Preservation. Limited spots, register early! (Separate fee after Jeep registration) This unique event takes you on a scenic cruise along the beach in your Jeep. It's a great way to enjoy the beautiful Florida coastline and show off your Jeep to others.

  • Live Music & Entertainment: Enjoy live music performances and other entertainment throughout the event. There's something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Family-Friendly Activities: There are plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained, including contests, games, and movie nights.

  • Competitions:Show off your Jeep and your skills in competitions like car shows, glow offs, and sound offs.

What is the Sound Competition & Glow Off at Jeep Jam?
It is a sound & lighting competition where Jeeps compete for the best sounding car audio systems, as well as lighting kits. The Sound Competition is judged by several factors:

jeep jam sound competition
  • Technical aspects: Judges assess the sound quality based on factors like clarity, bass response, soundstage (how the music seems to fill the space), and overall power.

  • Loud isn't always best: While loudness can be impressive, sound quality and accuracy are the key factors for winning. Cranking your subwoofers all the way up won’t cut it.

  • Showcase of expertise: The sound-off competition highlights the skill and knowledge of car audio enthusiasts who have customized their Jeeps' sound systems to achieve superior audio performance.

  • Lighting the night sky: The Glow Off is a dazzling showcase of Jeeps decked out in various lighting kits that include strip lights, rock lights, underglow lights, whip lights, light bars, and more.

Is There Lodging at Jeep Jam?
There isn't lodging directly at the Jeep Jam event itself. However, since it's held in Panama City Beach, Florida, there are numerous lodging options close by. The event organizers partner with several hotels and resorts in the area to offer special Jeep Jam discounts.

Are Pets Allowed at Jeep Jam?
Yes, pets are allowed. However, all pets must be leashed or in a stroller.

This year’s Jeep Jam is sure to be a fun-filled event. Stinger will be attending this year’s event, so be sure to come by and say hi! Check out our Jeep Jam video from a few years back.

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