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There are many components that differentiate high-fidelity speakers from the rest, but two aspects stand out the most: Build Quality & Design. In conjunction, they are absolutely paramount for achieving accurate sound reproduction and precise hi-fi performance in premium car speakers. Let's analyze our very own AudioControl PNW Series speakers to understand what makes them so special for audiophiles. 

mica coated cone speakers

Mica Coated Speaker Cones offer several benefits compared to traditional paper or plastic cones. Here's a breakdown of the advantages:

  • Increased Stiffness and Damping: Mica flakes add stiffness to the cone material, reducing unwanted flexing and vibrations. This leads to tighter bass response and less distortion at higher volumes.
  • Improved Midrange Clarity: A stiffer cone can also help improve the clarity and detail of midrange frequencies, resulting in a more natural and accurate sound reproduction of vocals and instruments.
  • Reduced High-Frequency Resonance: Mica's damping properties help control high-frequency resonances that can cause unwanted coloration or harshness in the sound. This leads to a smoother and more pleasant listening experience.

complex fea high efficiency motor speakers

Complex Finite Element Analysis (FEA) High-Efficiency Motors 
are designed by sound engineers to minimize internal losses and maximize efficiency, resulting in many benefits:

  • Improved Power Handling: A high-efficiency motor converts more electrical power into clean sound waves, allowing the speaker to play louder with less distortion. This is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy listening to music at higher volumes.
  • Enhanced Bass Response: High-efficiency motors generate more force for a given amount of power. This translates to tighter, more impactful bass reproduction, adding depth and richness to the overall sound.
  • Increased Control and Detail: Greater control over the movement of the speaker cone leads to improved clarity and detail across the entire frequency range. You'll hear subtle nuances in the music that might be lost with less efficient motors.


Enhanced Steel Structural Support 
in car speakers offers several benefits that can significantly improve your audio experience:

  • Reduced Distortion and Improved Sound Quality: Traditional speaker baskets are often made from stamped steel or plastic. These materials can flex and vibrate under pressure, especially at higher volumes. This flexing can distort the sound waves, leading to a loss of clarity and detail in the music. Enhanced steel structural support provides a more rigid foundation for the speaker components. This minimizes unwanted vibrations and resonances in the basket, resulting in cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction with less distortion.

  • Increased Power Handling for Bass Lovers: Speakers with a stronger steel structure can handle more power from amplifiers without flexing or warping. This allows you to enjoy your music at higher volumes without compromising sound quality. This is particularly important for those who listen to music with significant bass content, as bass frequencies require more power to reproduce accurately.

voice coil former with black anodized coating

Voice Coil Former with Black Anodized Coating in car speakers dramatically improves heat dissipation. The black anodized coating acts like a heat sink, absorbing heat generated by the voice coil during operation. This heat can negatively impact the voice coil's performance, leading to reduced power handling and potential damage. By improving heat dissipation, the black anodized coating allows the voice coil to operate cooler, resulting in:

  • Increased Power Handling: The speaker can handle more power without the voice coil overheating, allowing you to play music at higher volumes without distortion.
  • Reduced Compression: At high volumes, a hot voice coil can experience compression, where it loses its ability to move freely and reproduce sound accurately. The cooler operating temperature thanks to the coating helps maintain better linearity and clarity in the sound.
  • Enhanced Durability: Excessive heat can degrade the voice coil over time. The improved heat dissipation provided by the coating can extend the lifespan of the voice coil and potentially the overall speaker.

Concentric Point Source Design 
combines two drivers into one unit, with the high-frequency tweeter nestled behind the low-frequency woofer, ensuring both operate on the same axis in perfect alignment. These are the benefits:

  • Improved Imaging and Soundstage: In a concentric design, both drivers (woofer and tweeter) are positioned at the same point in the center of the speaker. This creates a more natural and cohesive sound image, like hearing the music from a single source, similar to a live performance. Traditional speakers have separate drivers mounted at different locations, creating a disconnected soundstage where instruments seem to come from different places.
  • Enhanced Clarity and Reduced Phase Cancellation: In traditional speakers, the physical separation of drivers can cause sound waves from the woofer and tweeter to arrive at your ears slightly out of sync. This can lead to phase cancellation, where certain frequencies partially cancel each other out, creating dips in the overall sound. A concentric design minimizes this effect by placing the drivers at the same point, ensuring the sound waves arrive in phase for a more accurate and well-balanced sound reproduction. This translates to improved clarity across the entire frequency range, especially in the critical midrange where vocals and instruments reside.
  • Wider Sweet Spot: The "sweet spot" refers to the optimal listening position where the sound quality is best. Traditional speakers often have a narrow sweet spot due to the separation of drivers. A concentric design creates a wider sweet spot because the sound originates from a single point. This allows you and your passengers to enjoy high-fidelity sound across a larger area within the car, regardless of seating position.

A Sonic Diffuser with a Radiant Collar work together improve sound dispersion and smoothe out high frequencies:

  • Sonic Diffuser: Sonic diffusers act like a lens that disperse sound waves over a wide area, while minimizing unwanted reflections or distortions. This can lead to a cleaner and more natural sound, especially in the critical midrange and high frequencies.
  • Radiant Collar Support: The radiant collar can further improve high-frequency response by ensuring the tweeter outputs are directed outwards and dispersed by the diffuser. This can reduce harshness or beaming effects that can occur with some tweeter designs, leading to a smoother and more pleasant listening experience.

Feel overwhelmed with all this information? Lucky for you we've made a glorious audio & visual experience of our AudioControl PNW Series Premium Speakers.

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