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The Best Backup Cameras

There are options when it comes to adding cameras to your vehicle.  Whether you want to add a backup camera, fix your blind spot, or improve your view of obstacles while off-road, Stinger Off-Road has a solution for your Jeep, truck, car, or SUV.  Our EchoMaster brand has engineered the best in aftermarket cameras for any situation.  And we are here to help you find the best DIY install cameras for your needs.  So, take some time to identify where you have the hardest time seeing when behind the wheel, and let's modernize your ride to fix that.

The Best Rear-View Cameras

If you haven't splurged on the newest model of your vehicle, you may be without a backup camera all together.  Luckily, there a ton of options for upgrading to a reverse camera.  

The below photo is the Universal Wireless Backup Camera from EchoMaster (CAM-WLP).  This wireless license plate camera is a great solution for any car, truck, or SUV with an RCA input in the radio.  Plug one receiver into the radio and attach the camera and second receiver and camera behind the license plate.  Both receivers need to be connected to power and ground.  This can even be used as a secondary reverse cam on the back of a utility trailer with the use of a switch to select when you have a trailer connected.

Universal Bluetooth Backup Camera

Third Brake Light Backup cameras Tailgate Handle Cameras add an OEM look and quality to your truck while providing a clear view of what's behind you.  The third brake light replacement kit also provides automatic blind spot viewing when you activate the turn signal.  There are many options when it comes to adding a reverse camera to your truck.  Click on the one that's right for you!

3rd Break Light Cameras:

Tailgate Handle Cameras:

Third Breaklight Camera

Jeep Wrangler backup cameras are also an option for owners who want more from their 2007-2018 Jeep JK/JKU. The below Jeep rearview camera kit includes everything you need to add a reverse camera with parking lines to these Jeeps that sadly did not offer this from the factory. This includes an exclusive rear-tire mount bracket to easily install a backup camera behind the spare tire on a Jeep. This mount is fully adjustable to accommodate ay size and style of aftermarket wheel mounted to the back of your Jeep. The rear camera can also be universally mounted with the included 3M tape if you have done a spare tire delete.

If you have already upgraded to the Stinger HEIGH10 screen, then you already have the integration module and can save some dough by purchasing the JEEP WRANGLER BACKUP CAMERA WITH SPARE TIRE MOUNT AND STATIC PARKING LINES (2007-2018)

If you have already upgraded to the HEIGH10 infotainment system, then you will want the Jeep Wrangler JK Spare Tire Backup Camera for Aftermarket Radios.

Jeep Wrangler JK Backup Cam

 Another great option for a rear-view camera is replacing your rear-view mirror with a full screen monitor.  Perfect for vehicles with obstructed vision out the back window such as overlanding rigs and Jeeps with large spare tires.  This 9.3" HD touchscreen rear view mirror monitor has front and rear camera views with DVR recording.  The front facing camera is attached to the monitor and works like a dash cam.  The rear 1080p AHD backup camera includes parking lines and is IP68 waterproof rated.  This monitor does NOT clip onto an existing mirror.  This is full mirror replacement for a clean factory look. 

There are multiple options for mounting the review mirror replacement kit:

Universal Install replacing any traditional windshield mounted rearview mirror.  Rear camera can be installed with the included license plate bracket or the smaller 3M tape mount.  The Universal Rear-View Mirror Camera Kit With DVR can be found HERE.

For 2007+ Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator rear-view mirror replacement, we have bundled this with the spare tire mounting bracket as well as the Jeep JL & JT drop down mirror mount.  Get the Jeep JK/JL/JT Rear-View Mirror Replacement With DVR here.


While we are on the topic of Jeeps, let's get rid of those blind spots all together. The ultimate solution to Jeep blind spot cameras is the bolt-on Side View Camera Kit from EchoMaster. This kit comes with a pair of rugged rubberized waterproof cameras with Jeep specific mounting brackets that work with the doors on or off. The included brackets are designed to utilize factory hardware and are foam-backed to protect the paint. Made for direct connection to Stinger HEIGH10 or can be used with any monitor that has a composite NTSC video input (PAC VS-41 required – not included).

Find the blind spot camera for Jeeps below:

2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Blind-Spot Sideview Camera Kit

2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL & Gladiator JT Blind-Spot Sideview Camera Kit

Jeep Blind Spot Camera

The Best Front Facing Cameras

The universal mount front camera is designed to be mounted to the front bumper or grille area. However, this camera can be mounted anywhere and displayed on the Stinger HEIGH10 stereo or any aftermarket head unit screen with RCA camera inputs. This forward facing camera is IP67 waterproof rated and has built-in IR LED's for infrared night vision camera viewing. Tackle tough obstacles with improved visibility by getting the Universal Front Mount Camera With Night Vision.


4-Camera DVR Underbody Kit

For the avid off-roader, we now have the split screen camera system!  This will function with any aftermarket radio or standalone display, using only one RCA camera input.  The included splitter and 4 infrared night vision cameras allows you to toggle through 15 different camera combinations on your screen.  Whether you want to zoom in on one image, split screen, tri-screen, or quad view, the included switch and remote allow you to do so.  Perfect for underbody cameras, giving you the best viewability for your axles, pumpkins, or tires as you approach and conquer obstacles on the trail.  This underbody camera kit also has built-in DVR making it a breeze to download HD video files to watch and share later.  All cameras are universal mounted, so you have the added flexibility to place each camera where it helps you the most.  

Split Screen Offroad Camera Underbody Kit
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