MX 800W Monoblock, Class D, Sub Compact, Amplifier - DISCONTINUED

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Phoenix Gold's MX amplifier series is a sub-compact series of amplifiers engineered for vehicles where space is at a premium, like trucks, jeeps and sports cars. Proving that amazing things do come in small packages. Designed to fit, without compromising power and sound quality, MX800.1 monoblock delivers 800 watts of efficient, clean power to drive your subwoofers, enjoy hard-hitting, articulate bass.

  • Class-D Topology
  • Small Footprint Chassis Design
  • Robust Unregulated Power Supplies: Automotive grade, High Current MOSFETs with high amperage capability and heat tolerance.
  • Remote Bass Controller Included: Provides remote level control of bass from listening position. With a sleek flush-mount knob for ease of installation.
  • Audio Precision® Quality Control Verification
  • Balanced Flow Dissipation (BFD): Component layout and chassis design are optimized to evenly distribute heat across the entire chassis, avoiding hotspots and increasing thermal efficiency.
  • Balanced/Unbalanced Inputs: Provides input matching flexibility for noise rejection from source signal components.
  • Direct Insert Power and Speaker Terminals: Decreased resistance for higher power transfer and efficiency
  • High level inputs via RCA (balances / unbalanced) using the Stinger X12LINE


                (L x W x H)

                10.16” x 5.91” x 1.91”  
                258mm x 150mm x 48.5mm


                RMS Power Ratings listed at less than 1% THD @ 14.4v 

                Number of Channels: 1
                  4Ω: CH 1 350W x 1 
                  2Ω: CH 1 500W x 1 
                  1Ω: CH 1 800W x 1   
                Total RMS Power (Sum of rated power): 800W
                Bridgeable: NO
                Crossover Mode: LP
                  CH 1 50Hz - 250Hz @ 12dB / Oct Linkwitz Riley
                  Subsonic 10Hz - 55Hz @ 12dB / Oct Linkwitz Riley
                Input Channels: 2CH L/R 
                Input Mode: Switchable Unbalanced / Balanced 
                Input Sensitivity: .2v - 5v Unbalanced RCA Low-Level
                   .5v - 10v Balanced RCA Hi-Level
                Processing: Bass Boost 0 - +18dB @45hz
                                                                                                               Variable Phase 0 - 180 Degrees 
                Output Channels: Pass Through from Input Signal
                Signal to Noise (@ CEA Standard): >90dB
                Frequency Response: Full Range CH 1 15Hz - 250Hz
                Topology Class: D
                Heatsink Type: Extruded Aluminum
                Cooling Type: Radiation 
                Operating Voltage: 8V to 16V
                Switchable Auto-Turn On: No
                Power Supply Type: Unregulated 
                Power Terminals: 4 Gauge
                Speaker Terminal: 10 Gauge
                On-Board Fusing: 3 x 30A ATC
                Recommended Inline Fuse: 80A
                Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.16” x 5.91” x 1.91” - 258mm x 150mm x 48.5mm



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