4GA Marine Compliant Wiring Kit with Dual Siamese Power/Ground Wire (7 Meter)

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Product Highlights


  • Industry-first Siamese Pair dual power and ground wire.

  • Power wiring kit utilizing marine-grade jacket. True Copper for current transfer and tinned conductors for reliability in the harsh marine environment.

  • High strand count OFC hyper-twist tinned conductors.

  • Highest marine-grade - Type III BC5W2 Compliant Marine PVC jacket, 1050C dry, 750C wet, salt, fog, oil, water-resistance exceeds UL1426 Marine Standards.

  • Element-resistant MIDI fuse holder.


The first wiring kit truly designed for Marine installations. Featuring the world’s first Siamese Pair, Dual Power/Ground wire made specifically for Marine applications, speeding up installation time and ease of use. Utilizing True-Spec copper wire provides the high-quality performance needed for optimum performance by providing reliable current transfer and tinned conductors able to withstand the rigors of marine installations. This Stinger Marine dual power and ground wire exceeds all UL1426 marine standards and uses marine-standard color coding — red for power, yellow for ground — to make installation safe and easy. The kits include all the necessary accessories to complete a professional installation. Add a Stinger Marine Interconnect in the length that fits your installation needs.

What's In The Box
  • 3m Red/Yellow Dual 4ga Marine Grade Power/Ground Wire
  • 3m 18ga Blue Remote Turn-On Wire
  • 1pc, Water Resistant MIDI/AFS¬†Fuse Holder
  • 1pc 80A High Current MIDI/AFS¬†Fuse
  • 1 Pre-Terminated, Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated 4ga Ring Terminal (Red-Power)
  • 1 Pre-Terminated, Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated 4ga Ring Terminal (Yellow-Ground)
  • 1 Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated 4ga Ring Terminal (Red-Power)
  • 1 Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated 4ga Ring Terminal (Yellow-Ground)
  • 2pcs 4ga Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated, Wire Ferrules (Power/Ground)
  • 4pcs 16ga Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated, Wire Ferrules (Speaker Wires)
  • 1pc 18ga Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated, Wire Ferule (Remote Lead)
  • 5pcs 16-22ga Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated, Spade Terminals
  • 2pcs 8ga Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated, Fork Terminals
  • 1pc Red 22-18ga Butt Connector
  • 1pc Allen Key
  • 20pcs 7" Black Wire Ties

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