Adding navigation to your ELEV8 or HEIGH10® has never been easier with Stinger's pre-loaded iGO navigation app SD card.

Optional on-board iGo navigation enhances your ELEV8 or HEIGH10’s driving experience by placing 1000’s of built-in waypoints and landscape data at your fingertips. Detailed landmarks, lane guidance, and complex road junctions are simple to navigate using the intuitive touch panel control.

 For more information on the iGO nav app, please visit www.iGOnavigation.com


Different Routing Options

No more nasty surprises. Our routing is among the most consistent on the market! Select the best route according to your preferences and vehicle profile, and then compare the route alternatives! Fast, easy, green - whatever you prefer. 

Traffic is not a problem

Historical (statistical) traffic data is considered when calculating your route. 

Realistic Visualization

Amazing 3-dimensional imagery helps you better understand your surroundings. Detailed landmarks and city models act as reliable points of referent and accurate depictions of lanes, tunnels and complex junctions make the world around you easier to navigate and understand. 

Guidance Everywhere

We help you navigate a labyrinth of lanes, roads, signposts, and junctions with precise maneuver instructions. This way, you’ll never be caught off guard. But for the inertial surprise or mistake, we instantly recalculate your route and get you back on track. 

Search Like A Pro

Simply search for addresses or among thousands of POIs (points of interest, including cafés, museums, bars, restaurants, gas stations and many more along the route! Only know part of the address? We’ll help you figure out the rest! You can search online when network connection is available. 

Owner's Manual

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Map Update Guide

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